Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mercury red

Printing is done in a single color for quite a while on my printer, which has printed a few hundred objects over the last 3 years. Looking back, I see I had a white (ABS) phase in 2010, a green (PLA) phase in 2010-2011 and white (PLA) phase in 2011 and again a green phase in 2012.  I now invested in a rainbow pack and a bigger roll of mercury red from Faberdashery. To make it easier to swap the filament on the spool  near the printer, I printed a new spool.

The idea was taken from  here, I will upload my design as a derivative soon.

I used the new mercury red color also for my customizable chainmail bracelet.

You can find the files on thingiverse. Using thingiverse's customizer with this design, you can specify the width and the length of the bracelet to make your own designs. Please upload a picture if you make one!
Let's see if this is the beginning of a mercury red phase, or a rainbow phase....

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