Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recently printed objects

This is just an update with some objects printed during the last weeks.


In the book -the Da Vinci Code- a cryptex plays an important role. The cryptex is a cylinder with an important document in it, protected by a code word which can be set by turning rings around the cylinder.

Design files and more images here.

Elliptical Gears  This is just toy downloaded from thingiverse, no real life use!

2D single line objects made as entries for the makerbot halloween contest.
- 2 halloween cards:
     Grim Reaper
- Bat Mobile  

The bat mobile and the cards are designs from images which where converted first to gray scale and then to a dotted image where dark areas are represented by more dots and lighter areas represented by fewer dots. A special algorithm then tries to find the shortest single line though all the dots which results in an image which is made of a single circular line.  A good writeup of the procedure can be found here. This line image is than coverted directly into gcode as gcode is basically a description of a line too. Printing a few identical layers on top of eachother gives the object some strengh.

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